CSA Inc. has been an established creative leader in the apparel, gift, toy, and premium industries since 1986.

With corporate offices and distribution facilities located in Cleveland, Ohio, providing a centralized point of distribution for the U.S. market.

Combined with our experienced product development and engineering team in our Hong Kong office, and our state-of-the-art quality-oriented factories in the United States and China, we provide integrated and concurrent product design, engineering, and contract manufacturing services to our clients to assist them in capitalizing on a licensed property, a promotional opportunity, or a commercial product – from start to finish.

We develop, manage, warehouse, and distribute turn-key programs for domestic & international corporations, restaurants, licensed properties, brands, and Fortune 500 companies.

We work closely with our clients to identify the best application for their needs and then develop a customized product or program together that will satisfy their objectives, with optimal performance.

We are determined to provide a creative, practical, and cost effective solution tailored to our customers complex challenges.

Our business philosophy and our proven performance have led us to long-term relationships and partnering opportunities with our clients.

Our entire organization is dedicated to delivering services that will meet your highest standards.

We are proud to offer you the best in design, engineering, manufacturing, as well as creative development and management of programs.


Our creative design team is assembled from some of the most experienced and talented people in the industry. We design uniform programs, kids meal premiums, point of purchase materials, incentive programs, billboards, marketing programs, and just about anything else.

Our production team will produce a product designed to optimize a balanced mix among production cost, visual appeal, function, and performance. We make use of our technical knowledge to help our customers develop a product that best fits their requirements and budget.

Our engineering team works closely with the independent testing laboratories to ensure that the highest possible product quality and safety standards are achieved.

Our sales, administration and logistics staff will ensure that all logistics matters are executed in the most efficient and professional manner. We offer warehousing and fulfillment of your programs, from receiving the product, inventory control, order taking, and delivery.

Our employees are trained to handle all of our clients needs. All CSA Inc. employees take part in ongoing training.

If there is a problem, WE FIX IT! All employees are empowered to do whatever it takes to handle problems and resolve them to the customer’s satisfaction.

CSA Inc. is committed to supplying only the exceptionally high quality products that meet and exceed our customers expectations and prevailing industry standards.


•A&W Golden Mug Award for
Lifetime Commitment to the Brand

•UFPC / YUM Brands Star Award – A&W Supplier of the Year

•2 Time A&W Supplier of the Year

•A&W President’s “Model Customer Maniac” Award

•Excellence in Decorating Graphics from Jerzees Brand